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Another great show to check out!

Stories of Love & Hate won’t be the only double-bill appearing at the Edmonton Fringe.  Be sure to check out this one too:


The Way to Miami by Donald Steele and Revelations by Phil Kreisel: double bill:
Starring: Mary-Ellen Perley, Dale Wilson, Jenn Muir
Directed by MJ Kreisel
Venue 44: La Cite Francophone – Suzanne Thibaudeau Auditorium, 8627 91st Street, Edmonton

Friday, August 17th – 12:00 PM

Saturday, August 18th – 9:15 PM

Sunday, August 19th – 4:30 PM

Monday, August 20th – 1:45 PM

Tuesday, August 21st – 7:45 PM

Wednesday, August 22nd – 3:00 PM

Thursday, August 23rd – 4:30 PM

Friday, August 24th – 4:30 PM

Saturday, August 25th – 3:15 PM

Sunday, August 26th – 12:00 PM

4 thoughts on “Another great show to check out!

  1. Very happy to see that you are doing my play THE WAY TO MIAMI in the Fringe Festival. Another one act was in the London, Ontario, Fringe Festival in June.

    1. Hello!
      It’s not actually us performing your show, but another group we are cross-promoting with. Here they are on the Edmonton Fringe website: I’ve let them know we heard from you, and they’re thrilled!
      Sincerely, Heather Morrow & the Biters

      1. Thanks for the information. I just want to wish the company well and will be thinking about them at the Fringe. And again thanks for picking my play. Donald Steele

      2. Hello again.

        If you happen to be on Facebook, do have a look at the company:

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