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Since I’ve been plugging my new play Marathon/Sprint getting its teaser at Peep Show next weekend, I ought to take the opportunity to plug some of my previous work.

Two of my one-act plays are available online. The first, Crushed, has been doing very well as a play for two wonderful actresses. “Liv is the older, practical sister, Ness is the younger, pretty one. Liv is on her own, Ness lives with a boyfriend, Corey, whom she loves, and who loves her. But Corey’s love includes swearing, hitting and punching. Whenever that happens, Ness runs to Liv, then runs right back to Corey. Tonight, Liv is fed up when Ness appears yet again …but tonight, something is horribly different.”

The second is my Edinburgh Fringe, Critter-nominated play Take a Bite, which has audiences cheering every time it’s done; after all, it has an older woman and a younger man locked in an empty room together getting up to mischief. No chat-up in a bar was ever as weird – or good – as this.

And the beauty of online plays is you get them right away and they’re $8 each!

So if you like what you hear at Skirts Afire a week from today, you can take some of my work home.

Liana Shannon as Vera and Isaac Andrew as Dion in the 2011 production of Take a Bite
Liana Shannon as Vera and Isaac Andrew as Dion in the 2011 production of Take a Bite

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