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Following on from yesterday. What to do about firearms? Bombs? Weapons of mass destruction? Protesting against them isn’t stopping them from being used.

What to DO.

What I have is done is what I mentioned here: registered for the next MS Walk here in Edmonton on May 26, 2013. What on earth does that have to do with countering explosives? Nothing. It’s about the exact opposite.

My aunt has had MS for years, and it’s robbed her of so much I can’t contemplate it, even though I’ve watched it happen to her. I’m starting off very slow. I’m not a runner — I’m a 38-year-old with a tricky ankle and I nearly coughed up a lung the one season I played Gaelic football. So I’m doing the 2km walk, and have set the recommended goal of $125. I’m sure there’ll be no objections if I happen to raise more. My hope is, now that spring has (hopefully!) arrived, I can get out more, get more fit, and do more at the next event.

The point is to support LIFE. Instead of trying to take on guns or bombs head on, in my teeny tiny way, I’m defying them. That’s not to say petitions to stop explosives are pointless. However, at the same time, wouldn’t it be cool if every person did something — volunteering at a hospital or school, donating blood, or helping with a fundraiser — and every time a lobbyist argued for more spending on weapons, you could look them in the face and say: “I’m raising money for cancer research because tax money’s being spent instead to shoot people.” Then just walk away and keep doing your work to fight cancer. With a smile.

Every time something horrible happens, yes, be sad, and say out loud that it needn’t have happened. And then knuckle down and keep helping someone else to LIVE.

Instead of being angry and frustrated, I’ve going to say instead to anyone who just wants to hurt people: ” I DEFY YOU. “

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