First thoughts on #Chile

Taxi drivers going after tourists are even crazier here than China!
Petrobras (Brazilian company) gas stations.
Palm trees again! But leafy, deciduous trees, too!
Big blue Costco equivalent
I’ve grown up with red cross meaning medical/first aid, but here’s it’s the green cross, like in France!
Graffiti here!
Bonkers traffic (it IS Saturday)
Parque en la Avenida Bernardo O’Higgins (good Irish boy?)
Different colour license plates depending on vehicle! (car, taxi, bus…)
I guess 2 guys got tired of the traffic and just got out of their taxi in the middle of the street!
Niño a bordo – Baby on Board
The Nissan Tiida – same as in China!!
Mussels in a CAN, like tuna!!
Ketchup in a pouch, like tomato sauce is sometimes in Canada.
I’m using my EU adaptor to plug in!
Lots of stray dogs…they’re all big ones, like Labs. All pet dogs are small ones.

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