Crew: Zain Mevawala

Meet Nowhere Normal‘s gaffer, Zain!

Alizain Mevawala is a professional photographer, cinematographer, and filmmaker. Zain has pursued his film studies from one of the most renowned film schools in North America, Vancouver Film School, completing his programs of Film Production and Visual Art and Design, specializing in Cinematography and Direction. He is a tech geek and loves working with lights and cameras.

His creativity, hard work, and passion for photography have led him to work as a photo team supervisor at Lifetouch Canada and Prestige Portraits. Zain has also worked with several Bollywood and internationally renowned personalities. He has also covered the Miss and Mister World Canada Pageant as an official photographer, just to name a few.

He enjoys meeting and working with new people, and always admires and appreciates the teamwork behind a successful project. He loves experiencing new gears and quickly masters them. He is very creative in his work and likes to take on new challenges. He has worked a great deal in the senior level positions in a variety of settings to enhance his overall knowledge and experience, and to sharpen his leadership skills.

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