meet Heather Morrow – Director and Playwright

Heather Morrow is an Edmonton-based playwright who daylights as a LINC teacher, teaching English to new immigrants and refugees to Canada. She was bitten by the theatre bug early — at 5 — but only because she wanted to tell stories and hadn’t learned to write yet, so instead she acted them out. Her firstContinue reading “meet Heather Morrow – Director and Playwright”

Photos from China (so far…)

The view from one of our 2 balconies. They’re both tiny, but still.  Another view of the street outside our building. The washing machine. Out on one balcony. We hang our laundry to dry: it’s so hot here it takes NO time. The kitchen. No oven, but the burners are gas, which I love.  MyContinue reading “Photos from China (so far…)”

Photos from #Chile : History, Memory, Facts

I learned the facts about the dictatorship of Chile in school. I was born exactly a year after the coup making Augusto Pinochet president of Chile, and his junta the government. The dictatorship only ended when I was 15, in grade 10. I spent my first month in Santiago simply wandering around, getting used toContinue reading “Photos from #Chile : History, Memory, Facts”