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Next weekend – my skirt catches fire! Metaphorically.

Next week, starting March 7, 2013, is Skirts Afire on Alberta Avenue! And on the final day, March 10, will be Peep Show – 5 scenes from 5 never-before-seen plays, and mine is one of them. Come hear a snippet of Marathon/Sprint!

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It’s awesome when people love what you do…

So here are the awards for the ADFA 2013 One-Act Festival, or StageStruck!

You’ll note that Maria Colonescu, the director of It Started With an Allergy, received Honourable Mention, as did playwright Heather Morrow for her performance.

Yay US.

The feedback and delight from everyone who saw the show was amazing, the most common theme being how brave the show was. And plenty of those who couldn’t make the Friday night show, on hearing about it, kept saying “I wish I’d seen it! Are you doing it again?”

When we do, details will be here.

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On to PEEP SHOW (gasp)

It Started With an Allergy went brilliantly last night — SO good. Thanks so much to everyone who saw it and liked it, and THANK YOU Ken Brown, StageStruck’s adjudicator, for his absolutely spot-on critique and for saying I gave a great performance — NOT fangirling. Nope. I know now very well the show’s well worth continuing on with, so I’ll be busily re-writing. In the meantime, StageStruck is not over. More shows are coming up this afternoon starting at 1, and even more this evening!

For me, it’s on to the next thing (busy busy). My VERY latest play, called Marathon/Sprint, will be having a scene read at Peep Show, part of the new arts festival Skirts Afire. The festival runs from March 7-10 on Alberta Avenue — also known as 118th — and Peep Show will be on the final day. Have a look at the frankly gorgeous poster and complete schedule below. Hope to see some Take a Bite fans there!

SkirtsAfire_2013_EMAIL1 (2)

SkirtsAfire_2013_Email2 (2)

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Tonight’s the night for an Allergy!

So, tonight, and tonight only, playwright and sometime-actor Heather will be performing It Started With an Allergy. Tickets are available at Tix on the Square or at the door, of the Walterdale Playhouse, 10322 83 Ave NW, Edmonton.

What else can I say? Come see ME!


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Tickets for StageStruck!

Here they are, available now at Tix on the Square!

Reminder: It Started With an Allergy is on Friday, February 22, 2013. StageStruck is over two days, that Friday, and the following Saturday afternoon and evening. Check out everything!

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Time and place!

So the schedule for the ADFA Edmonton Regional One-Act Festival — aka StageStruck — has been announced, and It Started With an Allergy is on the first night!

So, at the Walterdale Playhouse on Friday, February 22nd, the festival will begin with three shows, starting at 7pm, and Allergy will close out the evening. There’ll be a reception and awards at the end of night 2, the very next night. I’ll provide ticket information as soon as it’s available.

It’s hard to go on about how great the show’s going without sounding pompous — after all, it’s just me, Heather, who also wrote it, but…it really is great.

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Change of plans for 2013…

Happy Boxing Day!

Life and the holidays have prevented posting, but here we are now. First, some unfortunate news: It Started With an Allergy was not drawn in either lottery for the Edmonton or Calgary Fringes. We also submitted to an Edmonton BYOV which looked doable, but were turned down. So. No summer festivals this coming year.

Allergy will still be appearing at ADFA StageStruck at the Walterdale Playhouse this coming February…pretty darn soon. After that, who knows? In the meantime, playwright Heather rewrites on two other projects. More soon…

Happy New Year to come.

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2013 in progress…

It Started With an Allergy will be now definitely appear at StageStruck!, the Edmonton Regional One-Act Festival through ADFA, this coming February! And it’s also been entered into the Edmonton Fringe lottery for next summer. The draw is November 26. Wish us luck!