meet Emily Shepherd – publicity

Born in Hollywood, raised in Michigan, Emily is now starting a film career in Edmonton. Emily discovered her passion for filmmaking while attending classes at the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA), and has written, directed, edited and produced two short films with guidance from her instructors: Honey Money (2017) and Girl and a Polar Bear (2019). She is currently developing a short horror comedy script about class, cannibalism, and Mozart.

Paint Nite to help put on AMH!

TaB is hosting a Paint Nite in support of Alex and Michael and Hannah. Come for drinks at The Billiard Club, 7pm on March 26, and paint a picture (especially if you never have before), and tell others you did it in support of a great new work of theatre. You’ll have a great time, meet the playwright / director, AND help put on the show! You can get tickets here.

meet Heather Morrow – Director and Playwright

Heather Morrow is an Edmonton-based playwright who daylights as a LINC teacher, teaching English to new immigrants and refugees to Canada. She was bitten by the theatre bug early — at 5 — but only because she wanted to tell stories and hadn’t learned to write yet, so instead she acted them out. Her first play was performed in Edmonton with a local teen group and she’s never looked back. She worked with dramaturg Vern Thiessen on her play Crushed, first performed at the Walterdale Theatre. While living in Scotland she produced her play Take a Bite at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2007, remounting it in Calgary and Edmonton in 2011. She followed that with Stories of Love and Hate, The Ugly Princess [a bent fairytale], and her solo show It Started With an Allergy, about being (mis)diagnosed with endometriosis. She’s recently started trying out short films too. See you at the Fringe.

Film exploits

Well, having travelled the world for a while, now I’m back in Canada, in a job where the world is coming to me! I’ve been teaching new Canadian immigrants and refugees since April of 2018, and I can honestly say it’s the best job I’ve ever had.

So I finally have the time and — a little bit of — finances to pursue some film ideas. I’ve just completely my first film class at FAVA , and the resulting SHORT shorts we’ve filmed will be screened at Metro Cinema on February 10, at 3:30 pm. I showed my first cut to my classmates and instructors yesterday, and the response was genuinely great. Everyone laughed, no holding back. It was awesome. 

In the meantime, here’s another short I participated in last year, Deadline, for the 48 Hour Mobile Film Challenge — I wrote the script, and we won!

Photos from China (so far…)

The view from one of our 2 balconies. They’re both tiny, but still. 
Another view of the street outside our building.

The washing machine. Out on one balcony. We hang our laundry to dry: it’s so hot here it takes NO time.

The kitchen. No oven, but the burners are gas, which I love. 
My room.

The living room. 

The view out into the courtyard. 

The bathroom without a bath – shower only.

The emergency phone in the elevator.

Quick & dirty pre-mixed tea my predecessor left in the kitchen, bless him.

This is in the Hong Kong airport – a peanut and barley pillow I had while waiting for the ferry.

LAST Photos from #Chile !!

Photos from #Chile : Cementerio General

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