Photos from China: Guangzhou, part 2 – Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

Among the stories history students have heard about China is how anyone wanting to work for the Emperor’s government had to take killer exams. This is one of the places where that happened. In the late 19th century all the families with the surname Chen in the Liwan district, around Guangzhou, gave money to buildContinue reading “Photos from China: Guangzhou, part 2 – Chen Clan Ancestral Hall”

Why I hate being single, #2: Furniture

It’s the little things…things like buying a basic DESK. I live in a nice-sized apartment. The entire building was renovated, inside and out, as I moved in six years ago. It was originally built in 1953, and as such, it has some quirks. This corner was a headache from the moment I moved in. AsContinue reading “Why I hate being single, #2: Furniture”