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Go see Murderers Confess at Christmastime!

I’ve already tweeted this, but it’s very, very important you go see this show. Jason Chinn is one of my favourite playwrights – not just “local” or someone I know, but one of my favourite writers PERIOD. I’m gleeful when I hear he’s done something new and I can see it. This show has already been done in Toronto, and now it’s at Theatre Network here in Edmonton.

It’s important people see it – not just because it’s good – but it’s so utterly different, and brain-busting, from what anyone else here is doing. So if you genuinely love “envelope-pushing” theatre…and I can only assume if you’re reading this you do…see this show.

(The one thing I wish, WISH, I could do as well as Jason is titles. Murderers Confess at Christmastime?? And his last play was called Ladies Who Lynch. I need to hire him to give my plays titles that’ll make audiences do a double-take like his do.