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Photos from China: Zhongshan reservoir

OR: confronting one’s fears with a BIG STICK.

Before today, I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was 13 years old.  Twenty-eight YEARS.  I had two bad spills in less than a week, and wanted nothing to do with them.

The school I’m with in Zhongshan regularly arranges for its teachers to go on trips around the city.  Today, we rented bikes and went around the reservoir, which is all parkland with beautiful artworks and lookout points scattered throughout.  Note:  we rented BIKES.

I decided not to tell my co-worker Nicola about my phobia before we went.  I figured “They SAY you never forget how to ride a bike: let’s find out!”  Mostly, I just really wanted to go, and was sick of such a stupid thing standing in my way.

I didn’t kill myself, or anyone else. I had a few near-misses of both. Exaggerating slightly.) But I was indeed fine, and the ride was astounding.  I will need to go back, because there are more trails, and we didn’t see everything even on the one we did because it got dark.