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Photos from China: Random.

I’ve been here almost 10 months, and I’ve seen quite a few things I still haven’t processed yet, or wasn’t sure how to classify. “Random” seems as good as anything.

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Photos from China: THE PARK

I’ve been wanting to visit this park almost since the day I got here.  It surrounds a fairly tall peak, atop which is a pagoda that’s lit up at night.  All of my fellow teachers have told me the park is huge and beautiful…except for the zoo.  Apparently there’s a horribly sad zoo where they keep lions in a concrete enclosure the size of our kitchen.  I managed to avoid it, lest I burst out crying.

I also experienced a first today — I’ve been told it’ll happen again.  A complete stranger asked to take a photo with me.

AND.  You’ll see one very bad photo I managed to snap of a butterfly.  Huge, magnificent butterflies like you have never SEEN.  They were such divas — none would stop and pose.