LAST photos from China.

Here are the last of the photos from my 18-month-stint in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. NEXT: Chile!


Photos from China: WARNING. SNAILS.

Lots and lots of snails. We’re coming to the end of Zhongshan’s wet season (or one of many), and I’ve seen dozens of snails out every day, everywhere. And butterflies as big as my hand. One hummingbird, one lizard (both too fast for my camera).

And…a squirrel. Yeah.

Photos from China: Seeing where food comes from.

For International Women’s Day, our school’s staff went on an outing to a fruit farm just outside Zhongshan. In Alberta, Canada, you see canola and wheat. Here, in a subtropical zone, you can see, and immediately EAT, these:




Chinese New Year, IN China! Part 3: Zhongshan Flower Fair

I was very kindly invited to New Year’s dinner by the family of Becky, one of my middle-school students. Before dinner, though, Becky’s mother had to get some new flowers. THIS is the Flower Fair.

Chinese New Year, IN China! Part 1: Kai Yin, Zhongshan