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Vote. You have to VOTE. Part 4, Party membership.

Woe. As of now, there won’t be as many people voting for the leader of the Conservative Party as way back when Stephen Harper won in 2004. Let’s change that, shall we?

My best friend briefly joined the PC Party of Alberta when Alison Redford ran for their leadership. She’s NOT remotely conservative (she’s voted NDP all her life!), but she wanted to make sure the only woman running, in years, to be our premier was elected. I was shocked: it didn’t seem worth it to me to join the most arrogant, entrenched group of cronies to vote for their leader.

I have changed my mind. Right now, Canada is undergoing its own xenophobic crisis folowing the Brexit vote and the US election. There are like-minded candidates running to lead a major political federal party here — people who have publicly said that immigrants should prove they hold “Canadian values” and have grabbed a woman on TV— want to be prime minister of this country.

And they are DESPERATE for us to vote for them.

If, like me, you feel icky about joining the Conservative Party just to vote for its leader, just know you’re not alone. I’m calling it $15 well spent.

Here is the link to join and decide WHO YOU WANT to run for prime minister in the next election.

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