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Broad View festival and AMH!

Heather Morrow has adapted her award-nominated play Alex and Michael and Hannah, and now the screenplay is a finalist!

At the second-annual Broad View International Film Festival this past weekend, the finalists of the festival’s script development program were announced!

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IMDb, YouTube, and updates

Bits and pieces of news: Nowhere Normal‘s IMDb page has been updated with its EIFF award, and the film’s now also available on YouTube!

In addition, we’re working to restart Reasons I Hate Being Single for the spring. Subscribe for updates.

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WINNER for Best Live-Action Short!

Take a Bite Productions is thrilled to announce that our film Nowhere Normal has won the jury award of Best Live Action Short of Alberta, from the Edmonton International Film Festival!

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of the film. Thank you so very much to EIFF, the audiences, and everyone who’s supported the film to get us here!

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EIFF schedule released!

The schedule for the Edmonton International Film Festival is up! And HERE is where to book tickets to see Nowhere Normal on the big screen!

See at 6pm, Friday, September 22, 2023, at EPL.

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Nowhere Normal is coming home to Edmonton!

Nowhere Normal has been selected to be shown at the Edmonton International Film Festival this fall!

The festival will run from September 21 to October 1, 2023. Keep an eye on EIFF’s website for the complete schedule.


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Thank you Kunitz Shoes!

In addition to hot-dog heroes Fat Franks, Edmonton institution Kunitz Shoes has also agreed to sponsor Reasons I Hate Being Single!

Kunitz has been provided unique and beautiful footwear in Edmonton, Alberta for over 40 years. We’re so happy to partner with them for dressing our actors. Please check them out!

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RIHBS shooting in September

Grand news: Take a Bite’s second short film, Reasons I Hate Being Single, will be shooting September 9 and 10, 2023!

Stay tuned for updates on cast, crew, BTS and promotional photos, and of course, where and when the film will be seen!

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Thanks for attending NextFest!

Thank you to everyone who caught the screening of Nowhere Normal at Nextfest on Sunday, June 4.

Your next chance to see it is via the Toronto Lift-Off Festival, from home, until July 3!